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Results speak for themselves. Here are some comments and feedback from a handful of our clients. 

“It feels great dressing in the morning knowing exactly what you’re going to wear and looking fabulous!” – Claudia

“Thank you again for Saturday. My wardrobe is looking so good and I am feeling energised to try new options and combinations.” – Lara P.

“It has been a huge saving in time getting somebody to assist me with shopping.” – Caroline Andrews

“I finally had the opportunity to work with Vogue Fox on our annual CNBC Africa photo shoot with our anchors in 2009. It was probably the tightest deadline any of us had worked on and our Vogue Fox stylist was given the task of sourcing 14 glamorous outfits i.e. ball gowns and tuxedos in under 48 hours for people she had hardly ever seen or met. Needless to say, she pulled off the task with flying colours and together with her assistant they did the impossible with care, consideration and style.” – Alexander Liebner (Marketing Executive: Brand, Public Relations and Distribution at CNBC Africa) 

“I hired Vogue Fox to help my mother find a suitable outfit for my brother’s wedding. My personal shopper was determined to find something that was practical and perfectly suited to my Mom’s very unique sense of style. It was a challenge which she met with professionalism, creativity and wonderful enthusiasm (well within budget)!” – Jane Halford 

“I haven’t seen my mum so excited in ages, well done to Stef!” -Simone

“Thank you so much for all your professional help yesterday, I have ended up with a stunning range of clothes to confidently go out in, looking professional and that I can easily add to!” – Robyn Mills

“A note to say thank you very much for your assistance this morning. I must admit that I was very nervous before you came as I was so shy and ashamed about my appearance and choices. You were so warm, natural and encouraging and I felt much more at ease. Thank you for all the confidence-building suggestions and wonderful tips. I am going to go shopping with my mom as soon as I can as I have so many shiny new ideas and energy! Please keep up the good work and thanks for your support.” – Marlise


“Just wanted to say thanks for my consult yesterday, I had a brilliant time!! Already got my scarves and belts organised and my jewellery on display! And put your advice in to practice today and felt confident, not only in myself but shopping as well!! Thanks again, and looking forward to the next one!! :).” – Sara Scanlon


“Thank you for making a difference in my life! Brown boots – check, leg warmers – check, rearrange shoes – check, some new tops – check! on my way there and my husband can see ALL the difference! You rock! I’ve never had this much fun getting dressed before. You’re very inspirational! I’m sure your business will continue to prosper! Thank you again! I really appreciate your help.” – Desika Notrem

“Hi, thanks for my ‘session’ on Monday, wished we could have had the whole day! Was exhausted that night, but excited, as I had already laid out my outfit for the next day. Chocolate pants, striped jacket, pink shirt and bright pink scarf… 3 colours, 3 textures, first thing the ladies said… wow you look smart!!!! Really worth it, gave me a new confidence in playing with my wardrobe…” – Judy Hall


“Vogue Fox are consummate professionals – passionate and focused – able to assist me by shopping for many of my clients and creating the perfect wardrobe for each person while keeping their lifestyle in the forefront of their choices.” -Tanya Sachs (The Whole Story)

“I am wearing my first outfit today – yay! I feel great and confident! Also, yesterday I wore a casual outfit and wore a scarf with it – it looked great (I thought)! Thanks again for everything I almost feel you have set me free with putting my clothes together!” – Kirstin Cooney

“Wanted to say thanks – more than all of the compliments (and gosh there have been a lot) – I have been feeling so good in all of the clothes. Thank you!” – Mieke

“Just wanted to say a HUGE HUGE thanks for yesterday. I am delighted with what I got. My friends think it’s all lovely too. Thanks you saved me from an ongoing bad wardrobe! I’m wearing everything and very, very happy!” – Marie Bayne


“The people who attended the session absolutely loved it.” – Diane Babak (Rand Merchant Bank)


“I’m up there with the world’s worst shoppers. Put me in a shopping centre for a full day and all I generally leave with is one pair of shoes that don’t fit too well. All that has changed with Kara. I now only shop with her. She does all the pre-work. I leave after only half a day with so many gorgeous things to wear for the season and I get lots of compliments. It’s really a fantastic experience that I recommend for anyone who values their time.” – Michelle Blumenau

“Thank you for the most incredible experience. I wore my first outfit today and for the first time in aaages, I didn’t feel like lurking in the shadows… thank to you to a job really well done.” -Simone

“I’m loving my new wardrobe and get complimented all the time! Thank you, Stef, for improving my self image!” -Camerin

It feels great dressing in the morning knowing exactly what you’re going to wear and looking fabulous!
Claudia Noble
Thank you again for Saturday. My wardrobe is looking so good and I am feeling energised to try new options and combinations.
Lara P.
It has been a huge saving in time getting somebody to assist me with shopping.
Caroline Andrews