About Kara Fox

From fashion to online business success and even making sure the wines you drink are the most enjoyable, Kara Fox specialises in helping people feel fantastic!

Creative and energetic, with mountains of enthusiasm and a passionate entrepreneurial spirit, Kara has started and continues to drive several ventures that include –

Vogue Fox (2007 – ) – A personal style consultancy that creates fabulous and functional wardrobes.
The Daily Shoe (2011 – ) – A multi-award-winning shoe blog.
Digital Butterfly (2013 – 2017) – A digital media and training agency to help small businesses and aspiring bloggers get themselves on the web.
Mr Fox – (2015 – ) Exclusively for men: style, wardrobe and personal shopping services.
Wine Pair (2017 – ) – An online wine boutique specialising in hard-to-find, extraordinary wines. Kara developed the eCommerce website from scratch.

Kara’s career path has taken her all over the world, from Miami to Mexico, Vancouver to Paris and she has been trained by some of the top luxury design houses in the world in marketing and sales. She’s also a qualified IT specialist and has completed myriad courses in web design, web development, SEO & digital marketing and social media.

Now residing in Cape Town, a part-time half-marathon runner and full-time wine enthusiast!

Extroverted Introvert – Big Thinker – Question Asker – Problem Solver – Snappy Dresser

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